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Darkness & Light World Tour ft. John Legend

Dive into the emotional journey of an artist.

About the Project

About the Project

Credited For:  Creative Direction, Production & Visual Design, Show Direction

Team: Jonathan S Goldstein,  Betina Rodriguez, Adrian Letechipia , Jemel McWilliams, Mark Butts, John Dacosta, Cameron Yeary, Grayson Breen , Mark Humphreys. Screens produced by Rob English & Whitelist.tv 

Designers Note: 

Understanding who John Legend is as an artist, performer and humanitarian was our critical first step into crafting both the visual and physical environment for the Darkness & Light experience. A dynamic physical environment allowed us to give the audience a one on one connection with John for key moments throughout the show. Unexpected movement from the beautiful custom video walls enhanced musical moments and helped bring the audience closer emotionally to John and his music. It was beautiful to see the crowd stand to their feet and cheer when the physical structure of the show began to unfold. 

The over arching story for the visual design was based on the concept of Darkness & Light the album. The theory of using imagery that was not immediately understood by the viewer was a constant thread throughout the show. The color palette remains neutral with black gradients and warm sepia tones. Certain songs like “Glory” and “Marching into the Dark” create culturally relevant moments in which John voices the need for equality. The visuals for these moments reinforce the lyrics with original film footage from Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech and the civil rights movement in the U.S.A to whats happening today in Ferguson and many other places. 

This experience for the audience is truly an emotional journey filled with love , joy and reflectiveness shown through John’s high energy stunning performance.  

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